Fossils, Create50 Winner and Crowdfund

Create50 is an initiative to get writers writing and to give them a crack at making a feature film. The idea's simple, one over-arching theme or idea, in this case - the last two hours before a meteor destroys all life on earth.

One of my submissions, 'Fossils,' was a winner in the competition. The next round is to make the film of that script. 

We're quite far into pre-production now, location, cast, crew have all been secured. I set up a crowd-fund for the project. This is the first time I've crowd-funded anything and I'll write a proper blog post on exactly how it went down, what I knew going in and what I learned along the way. 

We're less than a week from the end of the campaign and still have a ways to go. As my later blog will explain, we have come much further than I expected and I'm truly grateful to everyone who's helped us on the journey so far - but every contribution helps, even a Facebook post or retweet.

Have a look :